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How this site got started

While this site may be noted for a very complete online list and description of attacks from 1890 to the present, Cougar Information was begun with human safety in mind. When I discovered that I had moved into a subdivision where lions were recently seen, though they had been absent from the area for generations--certainly 50 years ago when our homes were built--I began searching the internet for safety information. Everywhere I found platitudes such as cougars will never attack unless cornered or unless protecting their young; they fear all humans and avoid them. I had heard just enough reports to the contrary to keep searching. Specifically, I was aware of the boy killed while just jogging southwest of us, in a similarly populated area, on a trail used for fitness training above his school.

In reaction to the knowledge that others and I might well be living in habitat now made inviting to mountain lions, I researched and then published a page with safety tips. Then I found my coauthor's attacks site and began to expand these accounts.

Whether you believe the risk from predators is miniscule or is an increasing one to be watched, keep in mind that, however statistically unlikely, risk of injury or death from such as bee stings, spider bites, lightening strikes, and lion attacks are still additive. When you welcome the sight of a magnificent predator into your neighborhood, realize that the risk is far greater for children than for the adults making policies.

Please advise of any attacks not listed herein


Confirming recent attacks where victims are increasingly unnamed

Currently, victims are often attacked more severely by our judgmental public than by the predator. With predator victims more and more frequently unwilling to be identified today as a result of society's hostility toward those venturing outdoors, researchers cannot easily verify accounts. In addition, helpful information regarding the age, size, and fitness of the victim may be difficult to obtain for studies. Only attacks verified by officials or by scrupulous investigation will be reported on confirmed pages at this site, but keep in mind that some genuine attacks may not not be confirmed.

New book: The Cougar by Paula Wild

The Cougar, Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous takes data from this site, prominent researchers, and first-person accounts of cougar encounters and attacks. From this broad perspective, the book gives the reader uncommonly informed and practical suggestions regarding how to interact prudently with a predator that sometimes targets humans as prey.

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Attack Reports

Confirmed: 1890-1990

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Confirmed: 2001-2010

Confirmed: 2011-Now

Other Incidents: (Pet, Non-injury, Hunters)


Read a touching story of an unusual friendship formed with a cougar in the wild

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